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Twin Foxes Sleeping On The Attic Floor LP {Pre-Order Now}
  split release with Midnight Werewolf
Twin Foxes Mountain Promo Flexie
Closer To The Grave 15 Years of Tor Johnson Records LP
Ratstab Record Store Day 2017 7" lathe cut
Tyler Daniel Bean On Days Soon To Pass LP
  split release with Skeletal Lightning
Ordinary Lives 7"
  split release with State Of Mind Recordings, Square Of Opposition, and Yo-Yo Records
Ascend/Descend Murdock Street LP
  split release with Dead Tank Records
Moment Thick & Unwieldy From All Our Layers: A Complete Discography 2xLP
  split release with All About Records & Teeth Like Swords
Tyler Daniel Bean / Au Revoir Live At Dead Air split 7"
  split release with Orb Weaver Press
Raw Blow Slow Choke 7"
Aneurysm Veronica 45
Sea Of Storms Dead Weight LP
  split release with Self Aware Records
Lunglust As Guilt Collects Dust Cass.
Weak Teeth So You've Ruined Your Life LP
  split release with FITA Records & Riotous Outburst Records
Death To Tyrants "untitled" EP 7"
Late Bloomer Things Change LP
  split release with Self Aware Records & Lunchbox Records
Alpha Owl 3 Song EP cassette {Out Of Print}
Bloodpheasant Traum LP
The Ten Years War Tor Johnson Records Anniversary Show DVD
Rations Martyrs & Prisoners 7"
  split release with 30 different labels
Best Practices Sore Subjects 7"
  split release with Willow Tree Records
Tyler Daniel Bean Everything You Do Scares Me 7"
  split release with Kat Kat Records
Tor Johnson Ten Year Anniversary Omnibus 7" {Out Of Print}
Weak Teeth What A Plague You Are LP
  split release with Flannel Gurl Records
Now Denial Fuck Now Denial LP
  split release with Intense Human Victories
imadethismistake Different Ghosts Cass. {Out Of Print}
jesuscentric 12"
  split release with Gatehouse Anchor and All About Records
A Fine Boat, That Coffin Morse Zeichen CDEP
Now Denial Facemelter CD
Saint Jude ALWAYS HARD -the first recordings- CD {Out Of Print}
Third Death/All Those Opposed/Hulk Out Split 12"
YavinFive Breathe Melody . Bleed Dissonance CD
They & The Children Thoughts On Becoming A Ghost CD
Now Denial Power to the Moutain 12"/CD
Pretty Faces 7" {Out Of Print}
Another Dead Juliet Here Lies CD
   split release with Trash Art!
Now Denial Brothers Not Fighting 7" {Out Of Print}
Rebirth of Hardcore Pride A Gorilla Biscuits Tribute 7" {Out Of Print}

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Coming Soon
There Were Wires Somnambulists LP
Heavy Mantle Weights & Measures LP
Weak Teeth / Timeshares split 7"
Furnace new LP
and more