TJR040 Twin Foxes Sleeping On The Attic Floor LP
  split release with Midnight Werewolf

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  Self recorded in the woods of northern Rhode Island, SOTAF contrasts the contemplation of an isolated winter while still capturing the hope of a distant summer. Lyrically it explores the path to self discovery, wrought with pitfalls and atonement when starting anew. Twin Foxes pull from a pallet of sounds- from 90s emo to the heavy fuzz and of shoegaze, and craft them thoughtfully into the songs of Sleeping on the Attic Floor.

Format: LP

Track Listing:
  Hard Ash
  Self Endowed
  Whole Lot Older
  I Need This
  Sleeping On The Attic Floor
  One Hundred Summers

Pressing Information:
  5 test presses
  3 purple starburst
  22 black vinyl (record release weekend exclusive)
  78 coke-bottle clear (label exclusive)
  198 orange