September 15th, 2017
-Wow, long time no update. Sorry everyone. A couple life updates. Around four months ago the apartment building we were living in had a fire. If you saw the updates around then you know all the people, our pets, and the records were all safe. But that said, we were displaced. We moved into temporary housing while we tried to figure out the next step. All the Tor Johnson stuff got moved to Teeth Like Swords Printing and created a massive pile of boxes & records. During this time we kept rolling & released the 15th Anniversary Comp, got the Twin Foxes give-away flexies made, and kept the 15th Anniversary Show moving as scheduled. Well, the good news is that we have purchased a house here in Providence!! There is a lot of work to be done to the basement before it becomes the official TJRHQ, but we are so excited to start this new chapter! Until the basement is up to snuff, we will still be running things out of TLS. As we are working towards that, please consider picking up a record or two. It really helps as we are putting up walls, building shelving, etc. Everything really helps.
-We are slowly moving forward on the Twin Foxes LP. We are excited to be working with Midnight Werewolf from Boston to put it out. The goal is the end of the year, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Please check out the Twin Foxes bandcamp. They have a 7" and a couple tapes, so pick something up and check out our newest band!
-We have a couple left over "rip" shirts that we did for the Anniversary Show. We have them up on our bandcamp, so check it out and pick something up!
-We are already planning some stuff for next year, so keep your ears to the ground. Looks like a one-sided LP from a sweet band from Louisiana and hopefully a 7" from an amazing new RIHC band! Thanks again for all your support and please consider picking somethig up from the webstore.

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