September 29th, 2018

-I feel like everytime I remember to update this thing, there is more and more and more news. So here goes:

-TJRHQ is actually 99% all set!!! Local bassist legend Johnny Customs hooked us up with electricity so now we have a full turntable set up thanks to Stereo Discount Center! Along with the custom shelves, and lights its really starting to feel like home.

-The Heavy Mantle LP is out!!! We are so happy to have this amazing slab of wax out and available. We still have blue vinyl silk screened copies, the band has gold vinyl silk screened copies, and if you are in NYC: Limited To One Record Store has an exclusive clear vinyl with light blue screen printed version!! The band will be playing locally throughout the winter, but is planning a week or so in the Northeast come the spring!

-Pre-orders are now available for the re-release of Leopard Print Taser's Teeth Are Not Bones as a 7". We have a hot pink vinyl exclusive version. So check out the first song at Scene Point Blank or our bandcamp & get an order in for that. They will be hitting the road in November.

-We are happy to announce that we will be releasing the debut from new PVD band Sullest on cassette. Sullest features a bunch of Tor Johnson vets from bands like Weak Teeth, Alpha Owl, Bloodpheasant, and Best Practices; along with members from Good Lord. Look for more info and pre-orders on that soon.

-We will be shipping out the Aneurysm debut LP to the plant in the next couple weeks. Tons of info on that in the last news brief, but we are hapy to say we are co-releasing the record with Constant Disappointment Records. Check them out. Lot of really cool releases.

-We just got some long out of print releases back from one of distros, so if you are looking for anything they are all up on our bandcamp. And as always, we are only able to do this because of your support. Please take a minute and check out the webstore. Every purchase helps us put out more records!

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