February 20th, 2018

-Long time no update. We've been holed up for the winter trying to get the new TJRHQ set up. Still have some building planned and other projects...but that doesn't stop the progress of putting out records! Twin Foxes' LP is out and available!! Please take a minute and check it out!

-The next up on the plate is a 1-sided LP from Baton Rouge's Heavy Mantle. We are so excited about this release. Heavy Mantle have figured out the secret behind taking your favorite parts of Small Brown Bike, Fugazi, or Cursive and melting it down to 90 second bursts! Keep an eye out for that.

-As we have been moving, its come to our attention that we are sold out of a lot of stuff. Some of it will stay out of print, but some might come back. Now is the time to pick stuff up. If there are releases of our's that you've been on the fence with picking up, do it before its too late!

-As always, thank you all for your continued support. Please take a minute and check out the webstore. Every record you purchase is another record we can put out!

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